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It Begins with Family

About Wildhorse outfitters

The Beginning...

Since his childhood Zane has always loved to hunt and fish. He was lucky as a boy to be taken in by some great outdoorsmen and shown the ropes, that along with spending a lot of time alone with trial and error have made him into the Outfitter he is today.

In 2006 Zane came back to the family ranch to help his Grandfather Fred Floyd. Herb Kretchmann was the outfitter for the ranch, Herb was getting old and ready to retire, Zane guided Herb for 4 years, and then applied for his Outfitters License in 2010. That was the start of Wildhorse Outfitters LLC.

The first few years Zane only outfitted on the family ranch, then in 2015, with the help of Don Malli, he was able to add more leased hunt acres from the neighboring ranches, today Wildhorse Outfitters hunts on over 100,000 acres of land with the majority of that land being privately owned. Most of the State and BLM land within is land locked by private ground.

Zane has had some great mentors along the way, and he has also done and continues to do due diligence in the field prior to the season in preparation to having clients arrive. We are in the field working cattle, feeding cattle or looking for game nearly every day. Being outdoors is our passion and outfitting is a serious source of income for us especially in years that the cattle market is down or our cattle are drought out and were having to buy extra feed for them, since hunting is a huge part of our income we take it very seriously. We want repeat clients and word of mouth referrals are the best.

Who we are

All in the Family

Zane and Marcie both grew up on family ranches in Wyoming. We both loved anything in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking etc.

We dated when we were younger and then reunited in 2010. Zane was home working his family ranch and Marcie was a Radiation Therapist and an X-Ray Technician living in Dallas TX. Marcie moved back home to Wyoming in 2011, and we were married in May of 2012.

Marcie works on the ranch with Zane, homeschools our youngest son, Case, and does all the booking for the outfitting business. She cooks during the hunting season and keeps the cattle side of things running while the rest of the family hunts.


Our oldest son, Colt, goes to college a few hours away and is on the rodeo team. He competes in Saddle Bronc and Bull Riding. In his free time he works on the ranch and likes to pick up shed horns.

Case, our youngest, is homeschooled so he is a big help during hunting season. He is usually the spotter at the shooting range, and likes going out with Zane into the field. He helps with skinning, and keeping everything and everyone organized. He is also in charge of keeping the hound dogs exercised and cared for during the deer and elk season, so the are in shape come the first snows. Case likes to ride his horses, pick up shed horns, camp, fish, and tell stories.

Our Value

Our Guides

2 Season Trial Period

No matter how much experience our guides may have they are all vetted for two seasons before coming on permanently

Licensed with the State of Wyoming

Each of our guides has gone through the state of Wyoming's guide's license program

No matter how much experience our guides may have they are all vetted thru a 2 season trial period with Zane before becoming an employee.

We want to make sure they know our operation, how we like things done, are professional, know the land and the game etc before we let them take any clients out. We also want to be sure that their personality, work ethic, knowledge matches with ours before they ever get in front of a client. Finally, we want them to be as passionate about our operation as we are.

After all that, the majority of our guides have been with us for a very long time, we are always on the look for capable individuals however.

They are all licensed thru the State of Wyoming. Only 2 clients per guide per WY State Law. If you’d like, you can upgrade to a 1 on 1 hunt if requested at time of booking for an additional $500.

Wildhorse Outfitters

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