NE Wyoming Combo Hunt

Offering 2 and 3 species combo hunts


Combo Hunts

Deer - Region C

Elk - Region E

Antelope - Areas 17 & 23

2 Species - 5 Day Hunt

3 Species - 6 Day Hunt

2 to 1 Hunter to Guide Ratio

What to Expect

Our combo hunts are a great way to keep hunting all day long.

When the deer or elk are bedding down for the day that is when the antelope are getting up and active, then about 3pm or so as the antelope are bedding down the deer and elk are getting up. So plan on hunting the whole day through.

It also gives you opportunity to see more of the ranch, the flat land for antelope, little rougher sage brush hills for the deer and then the real steep rough, deep cedar draws for the elk.

Preference points to draw are the same as they are for each individual hunt. Trophy fees apply the same as they do in individual hunts as well.

We Live Where We Hunt

We offer 100,000 acres of hunting ground of which 70,000 acres we run cattle on and are there year round so we know the wildlife and their patterns.

The other acres are our neighbors, so we are familiar with the land, and how the animals flow from our side of the fence over to theirs and back.

We live and work cattle here every day we are in the field, seeing the wildlife, learning the circles they make, where they like to shade up and bed down, where they like to water at etc.


We believe in conservation and managing the animals we hunt, that’s why we have a strict management policy of taking only bulls and bucks that are over 3 years old. More about our policies, here.

Hunt Options

Not up for the spot and stalk? Our goal is to make your hunt the best experience possible. If you find you’re not up for hiking the hills, we are happy to offer blind or more vehicle based hunting options. Just let us know.

1 on 1 Guide Options

Interested in having your own guide? We offer an upgrade to a 1 on 1 hunt if requested at time of booking for an additional $500.

the details

About Your Hunt

Learn more about our accommodations, policies, gear lists, hunt information, below.


Home style hospitality

The lodge was built in 2016. It is a metal pole barn type building, with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. Leather couches, Smart TV, wifi, washer and dryer, kitchen.

Two of the rooms have a queen bed and a twin bed, a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

The third bedroom is a dorm style room with two king beds and two twin beds, and its own bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet.

The rooms have large closets to hang items, gun racks, coat racks, towels, and bedding all provided.

A maximum of 10 clients in the lodge at any given time.

Other Accommodation Options

All our hunts are out of the lodge, however if you have food allergies or just want more peace and quiet we do offer hunts out of RV Camp trailers set up at another part of the ranch. These hunts are $500 cheaper than the lodge hunts because you provide all your own food and cooking. They are hooked up to water, sewer and electricity, and offer the same hunting ground but no meals.

Breakfast Bar: Cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit, breakfast burritos and microwavable breakfast sandwiches. Coffee, Juice, Milk, Water.

Dinner: Always homemade meals complete with salad, a vegetable, a bread, and a desert made daily.

Marcie loves to cook and nobody ever leaves here hungry.

Client is responsible for packing their own food and drinks for the day. The guide will have an iced down cooler with extra drinks in it, but remember you might end up stalking miles away from the rig so always plan accordingly before leaving the rig.

Build your own sandwich with choices of deli meats and cheeses in the lodge fridge, or just load up on snacks, such as chips, trail mix, jerky, mixed nuts, fruit, candy bars, granola bard etc. all provided.

If you are tagged out and around camp all day a crock pot of soup or chili will always be going, or the leftovers from dinner the night before will also be stored in the lodge fridge for people to pop in the microwave. Water, soda, Gatorade all provided.

We will have coolers with ice for clients to put alcohol, and make mixed drinks but we DO NOT provide any alcohol. We do have a large selection of alcohol that past clients have left in the lodge and people can help themselves to that if they want.
Preparing for Your Hunt

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Click below to see all of our policies, including those required by the state of Wyoming.

Hunt Info

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