Important Information for Your Hunt

Important Policies

Wildhorse Outfitters Policies

All hunters must wear 1 or more pieces of fluorescent orange clothing at all times while hunting as required by Wyoming State Law.

All hunters must show, upon arrival, their license, conservation stamp, & hunters safety card unless born before 1966. All Wyoming License information, applications & dates can be found at http://gf.state.wy.us

Deposits of 25% must be made to hold your hunt date, and can be made with personal checks.

Another 25% is due April 1 of your hunt year.

The final payment is due September 1 of your hunt year and must be a cashiers check or a certified bank check.

Book early as we fill up fast. Hunts are booked on a first come first serve basis, so get your contract and deposit in to us to insure that you don’t miss out.

Wildhorse Outfitters, LLC. (Zane Wagoner- Outfitter) has the following refund policy as it pertains to all deposits and fees paid to them by a Client (Client) for any/all services provided or requested.

1. A 25% deposit for each species that you are booking to hunt is required. The deposit can by certified check or money order, or personal check. Outfitter not responsible for cash being sent via mail.
a. If Client does not draw a tag for the species applied for then deposit money will be held by the outfitter and client may reapply the that species the following year and each year afterward until a tag is drawn.
2. Within 45 days of the Clients starting hunt date, all remaining fees shall be paid in full to the Outfitter. Any money paid as a deposit shall be applied to the total hunt price. These fees shall be paid by certified check or money order. Outfitter not responsible for cash being sent via mail.
a. In the case of the death of the licensee, any person who has authority to represent the decedent as provided by a court order shall submit a written request for a deposit/fee refund supported by a copy of the respective death certificate;
b. In the case of the death of the licensee’s spouse, parents, grandparents, lineal descendants and their spouses, step-parent, step-sibling, step-children, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, step-son-in-law or step-daughter-in-law, the licensee shall submit a written request for a deposit/fee refund supported by the respective death certificate.
c. The date of death on such certificate shall have occurred during the regular season, resulting in the licensee not being able to participate in the majority of the regular season;
d. In the case of incapacitating illness or injury of the licensee supported by a physician’s sworn statement on a form supplied by the Outfitter;
e. Military personnel who receive Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders or are assigned away from their home duty station on Temporary Duty Orders (TDY), all of this being supported by a copy of official military orders from the Armed Forces of the United States;
f. Individuals who are not able to participate in the majority of the regular season for the species specified in Commission Rules and Regulations during the year for which the license is issued and deposit/fees made, as a result of a court subpoena, jury duty, Grand Jury investigation or attorneys required to attend criminal cases. A certified copy of the court document shall accompany the written request for the license refund;
g. When the Department determines one hundred percent (100%) of the hunting opportunity and access to the hunt area has been closed due to administrative actions of the state or federal government in closing of the public access to public lands due to a natural disaster;
h. An error on the part of the Department or its authorized agent where the applicant has been issued a license not requested;
i. Any youth licensee may be granted a deposit/fee refund if the youth licensee’s opportunity to hunt is jeopardized as a result of any license refund granted by the Department.
j. A sponsoring organization of a person with a life-threatening illness may be granted a deposit/fee refund if the licensee’s opportunity to hunt is jeopardized as a result of incapacitating illness or injury supported by a physician’s sworn statement on forms provided by the Outfitter that the licensee is incapable of performing tasks necessary to exercise the privileges of the license.
k. All hunting license refunds are handled by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department.

ZW 11-01-23

We have a strict management program here at Wildhorse Outfitters. We are in this business for the long haul, to preserve the hunting ability for our future generations.

In order to do that we do not harvest any animals under 4 years of age, Period. This insures that our older bucks are breeding the does and cows, it also insures that the older animals are harvested, ones who might not have much left for teeth and are at higher risk of winter kill.

The most humane death for these older animals is to be harvested of course by a hunter. While on your hunt you may encounter some really genetically superior three year olds, and your guide will tell you that they are not to be harvested, this is all part of the management program.

The guide will have the final say in all harvest opportunities.

If an animal is wounded during your hunt, you and your guide will spend the rest of your hunt trying to track and recover that animal.

Your shooting opportunity is over, please do not think that you will be allowed to harvest another animal if your first animal is not recovered.

Bottom line, if we find blood, then your hunt is over.

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Hunt, Gear, Dates, Processing


Points may only be purchased between July 1st thru October 31st. You may only purchase 1 point per species per year.

Go to the Wyoming Game & Fish Website - https://wgfd.wyo.gov
Click on the RED box “Apply or Buy”
Click on the RED box “Apply for License”
Begin Application Process
Points cost $50 elk, $40 deer, & $30 for antelope for non-residents

Deer & Antelope Applications: March 15th

Elk Applications: Jan. 31st

Purchase Preference Points July 1-Oct. 31

Getting Ready for the Hunt

Be comfortable shooting between 100-250 yards, no matter the species. Don’t just practice from a shooting bench, there isn’t goin to be one of those in the field, get used to being prone or using shooting sticks or a bipod.

There is a shooting range near the lodge, everyone is required to shoot and make sure their gun is on at 100 yards before going out into the field. This is especially important for clients who flew in.

Also have a gong set up at 300 yards.

We highly recommend that you get into shape before coming to hunt, & that the boots you plan to wear are broke in.

This will make your experience more enjoyable & improve your chances at getting your game.

Be prepared for all types of weather.
Rifle & Ammo
Boots and Quality Socks
Binoculars Knives
Orange Clothing: vest, cap, or beanie
License, Conservation Stamp, & Hunters Safety Card Raingear
Camera Thermal Long Underwear
Freezer Paper or Bags & Tape
Day Pack/Backpack: ink pen, chapstick, game bags, knives, camera, licenses
Camo Coats (1 heavy, 1 Jacket)

Airport pick up and drop off available at the Gillette, WY airport. The flight times are usually either really early or really late, but were used to it so don’t let that stop you from flying in if you choose to do so.

Hunt Info

Day before your Hunt Starts:

Arrive between 2-5pm
5-6pm Safety meeting, last minute paperwork, everyone shoots their guns. This is mandatory, no exceptions.
6-7pm Dinner

Hunt Days:

5:30 am Breakfast for Deer & elk hunters. Be ready to leave camp immediately after breakfast.
7:30 am Breakfast for Antelope Hunters. Be ready to leave camp immediately after breakfast.

7:30 pm or whenever everyone is back to camp Dinner for all Hunters

Departure Day:

7:30 am Breakfast for all hunters, be ready to depart before noon.

The price of your hunt includes: travel to & from the airport in Gillette, Wyoming, all homemade meals, lodging & harvested game care. Price does not include license, Wyoming Conservation Stamp, meat processing, or tips and gratuities.

Hunts will consist of 1 guide for every 2 hunters, unless you ask for a 1 on 1 guide at the time of booking. There is an extra $500 charge for 1 on 1 guide.

After the Hunt

All Harvested animals will be cared for in the field by the guide and then taken into Olds Processing in Gillette to be processed and frozen. This takes about 24-48 hours. 

If you would like to cut up your own meat, we have tables for you to use but please bring your own paper, freezer bags etc with you.

If you are interested in donating your meat you may donate it to either the local food pantry, or to the Womens shelter, however you will still have to pay for the processing.

Processing rates are typically $105 antelope, $115 deer, $400 for elk.

The head can be caped and frozen with the brains removed from the skull plate if you are taking it home for taxidermy.

There is a taxidermist at Olds Processing that can do this for you and ship it to you.

If you'd like to use our taxidermist, Dustin Cargill (Taxidermist) will have your mount shipped to you in about a year.

You may also ask your guide to cape out your head for you, but please tip them accordingly.

There are several places in town to pick up dry ice for your coolers when you get ready to head home.

See your welcome packet for more information.

If you would like to cut up your own meat, we have tables for you to use but please bring your own paper, freezer bags etc with you.